Sep 6, 2018

A drunken, toothless man told his girlfriend that he was “going to eat her face off” before biting her nose and leaving her a “bloody mess” inside a Michigan hotel room, court records show.

Darryl Socia, 40, faces up to five years in prison for domestic violence after police were called to the AmericInn Hotel in Monitor Township on May 19, reported Tuesday.

A hotel clerk called police after the wounded woman ran into the lobby. The alleged victim later told a responding trooper that she and Socia – who had an ongoing yet sporadic relationship over the past 11 years — went to the hotel to “drink and party.” The couple got a room at the hotel because their parents don’t approve of their tumultuous relationship, she said.

While inside the room, a highly intoxicated Socia “flipped a switch and freaked out,” the woman told the trooper, before throwing her into walls and onto the bed, where he kneeled on top of her and said he was “going to eat her face off,” according to court records.

Socia – who has fake teeth but wasn’t wearing them at the time, according to his attorney – then bit the woman on her nose. The woman, who looked like a “bloody mess,” then managed to escape to the hotel’s lobby, where she was chased by Socia until his mother arrived and drove him away, court records show.

Attorney Marcus Garske told The Post that Socia disputes the alleged victim’s version of events, claiming she was injured when he accidentally struck her in the nose while trying to get his phone back from the woman.

“She said he has removable teeth but didn’t have them in at the time,” Garske told The Post. “He was essentially gumming her face, that’s what I’m reading out of her statement. Obviously, Mr. Socia denies that this happened.”

Socia also denies having previously tried to bite the woman’s face during earlier hotel stays, Garske said, a claim the alleged victim told the responding trooper.

“He says he’s never bit her,” Garske said. “These two have been on and off for the past 11 years and neither of their parents approve of their relationship. When these two and substances get together, they don’t tend to mix.”

Socia, who attended a 21-day rehabilitation program for alcoholism in June, has since posted bond, Garske said. He’s due to appear in court for a preliminary examination on Aug. 29.

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