Real Estate

Real Estate Law is one of the most complicated areas of the law, and yet it is also the area where most people feel they can cut corners and “do it themselves.”  At Garske Hewitt we have nearly 30 years of real estate law experience.  We have handled all types of cases, from landlord-tenant disputes to zoning disputes, and even complex commercial projects.

One of the most common Real Estate problems is the Landlord/Tenant dispute.  If you have an unruly or nonpaying tenant we can help with evictions and get your property back to you as quickly as possible.  Or if you are a tenant, you might be faced with a landlord that is not providing the required minimum habitable living conditions.  We have the knowledge and experience to help you in all areas of landlord-tenant Law.

Have a question or need to get started handling a real estate problem? We can help!