Sep 6, 2018

Bay County District Magistrate Janice E. Doner on Thursday, Aug. 15, arraigned Brandon W. Carrier on single counts of threat of terrorism, a 20-year felony, and felony firearm, a felony that carries a mandatory sentence of two years.

“These are serious offenses,” Bay County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Nancy E. Borushko told the magistrate. “This defendant has history of drug use and also drinking. There have been claims of mental health issues.”

Borushko alleged Carrier made threats against several specific people, including police officers, and she was concerned for their safety should Carrier be released. She asked Doner set Carrier’s bond at $200,000.

Bay City attorneys Jason P. Gower and Marcus Garske appeared on Carrier’s behalf. Garske pleaded not guilty for his client.

Garske objected to the requested bond and asked Carrier be placed in a mental health facility rather than jail. He said his client has bi-polar disorder and anxiety issues, among other health concerns.

Doner said she was not convinced mental health treatment was enough to protect the public and set Carrier’s bond at $200,000 cash-surety. If he posts it, he is not to have any firearms or consume alcohol.

Court records indicate that about 3 a.m. on Wednesday, Bay County Central Dispatch received a call from a friend of Carrier’s stating that Carrier had told him he was going to shoot Bay County Sheriff’s Deputy Anthony Peter and was going to go to Bay Arenac Community Mental Health and shoot it up.

Deputies responded to Carrier’s home at 220 Shady Lane and, as they approached the single-story residence, they said they overheard Carrier on the phone make statements that he was “locked and loaded and was going to shoot the first badge (he) saw,” according to court records. Carrier also said he was part of the Michigan Militia and that police “don’t know who they are (expletive)ing with.”

Deputies said they learned the person Carrier was on the phone with was a Bay Arenac Community Mental Health employee. The employee told them he thought he heard a gunshot while he was speaking with Carrier, court records show.

Based on this information, the deputies secured a perimeter around the single-story house and called for backup. Several more deputies and a Michigan State Police emergency response team arrived on the scene.

Carrier surrendered about 9:15 a.m. and no one was injured. Officers recovered at least two rifles from the house, where Carrier resides with his parents.

Carrier is scheduled to appear for a preliminary examination on Aug. 29.

Gower said he is confident the charges will end up being dismissed.

“I’m confident that when (Bay County) Prosecutor (Kurt C.) Asbury’s office understands the entire mental history regarding Mr. Carrier, they will certainly do the right thing,” Gower said. “This is a mental health issue.”

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